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The Challenge

Embark on an innovative project in 2019: the creation of the Dollar Belles, a series of online financial education videos under FNBO’s Cashology sub-brand. The challenge was multifaceted: to build a reusable set, develop a compelling format featuring three female hosts with diverse viewpoints, and to educate viewers on financial savvy. The project aimed to add a fresh, engaging dimension to FNBO’s financial education efforts.

The Approach

Our creative team, alongside top-notch production partners and local creative talents, conceptualized and designed the distinctive look and feel of the Dollar Belles show. The initiative resulted in a successful first season of 24 episodes, plus a trailer, that showcased a dynamic, educational, and engaging format.

Building on this success, we introduced a ‘brother’ show, the Dollar Bills, with two male hosts offering new perspectives on similar financial topics. This parallel approach allowed FNBO to broaden their content spectrum and enhance their social media presence.

The Results

The success of both the Dollar Bills and Belles series extended into 2022, with plans for a groundbreaking new concept in 2024, where both series will merge into a single, comprehensive online series. This evolution represents a significant milestone in financial education content delivery. Our collaborative efforts with FNBO have not only increased the bank’s social media footprint but also established a novel and impactful way to engage and educate their audience on financial matters, proving the power of creative storytelling in the finance sector.