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AIM Institute

The Challenge

Capture the essence of AIM Institute for designed materials while maintaining a distinctive, recognizable brand identity. The goal was to ensure that every piece of collateral not only looked fresh but also felt authentically “AIM.”

The Approach

We immersed ourselves in the core elements of AIM’s brand, blending tech learning services and AIM’s ethos with contemporary design trends to bring our concepts to life. Vibrant colors, carefully selected to align with AIM’s brand standards and audience preferences, were central to our designs. We paid meticulous attention to consistency across all elements – color palettes, textures, typography, imagery, and whitespace. Each deliverable, from the Impact Report to the Tech Awards Program, conveyed a unified brand message and feel.


The Impact

The impact of our work was immediately apparent. The newly designed collateral significantly enhanced AIM Institute’s brand presence, both at events and online. Stakeholders, partners, and clients noted a marked elevation in collateral quality, appreciating the seamless integration of innovation with brand consistency. This collaboration between 1123 and AIM Institute did more than produce visually appealing designs; it created a new brand palette that is still being used. The real success lay not just in the visuals but in the enhanced perception of AIM Institute as a forward-thinking and enduring brand.