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Marian High School

The Challenge

In mid-2021, Marian High School in Omaha, NE, tasked ‘1123’ with creating a unique recruiting video. The goal was to depart from the traditional approach of focusing on statistics and curriculum. Instead, the aim was to develop a video that resonated with the school’s culture and appealed to potential students. The challenge was to capture the essence of Marian High School in a way that connected authentically with young women considering attendance.

The Approach

1123 began by engaging with the most vital contributors: the students. Through focus groups and script reviews, we gathered invaluable insights to shape the video. Collaborating closely with Marian High School staff, we organized a cast of nearly real students, ensuring authenticity in every scene. Over two days of shooting, our full production team and key vendor partners worked seamlessly to create a lively and engaging atmosphere.

The video highlighted what makes Marian special, with a focus on delivering the message through the voices of the young women at the school. This approach ensured that the video was not only informative but also a true reflection of the school’s spirit.

The Results

The final product was a refreshing and upbeat recruitment video that effectively showcased the unique aspects of Marian High School. The genuine representation by the students themselves added a special touch, making the video more relatable and impactful. The involvement of real students in both the development and presentation of the content proved to be a key factor in the video’s success. ‘1123’ is proud to have facilitated a project that so accurately captures the vibrant culture of Marian High School and resonates with its prospective students.