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NFM – Home Campaign

The Challenge

After transitioning from “Nebraska Furniture Mart” to “NFM,” the company sought a fresh branding campaign to be delivered through video. The task for 1123 was to create a campaign that not only embodied NFM’s presence in every part of the customer’s living spaces, but also featured a custom-produced jingle from a store-promoted contest.

The Approach

The “Home” campaign, NFM’s first major branding effort in years, was rolled out in two phases. The 2021 production, shot at NFM Kansas City, set the tone. Our motion ads showcased a diverse array of people and environments, punctuated with salesfloor scenes from NFM locations. Danika Portz’s “House Becomes a Home” became a central element, tying together the campaign’s message.

Adhering to COVID-19 precautions, the 2021 production featured socially distanced in-store footage and masked customers and staff, demonstrating safe, quality production during the pandemic.

For the follow-up in 2022-23, 1123 embarked on our biggest production yet, shot in the Dallas metro area. “Home, made with NFM” involved 90 cast and crew members across various locations, scaling up the campaign’s reach and impact.


The “Home” campaign has been a cornerstone in NFM’s marketing strategy. The high-quality B-roll and brand song continue to be used extensively. The success of the initial campaign led to the expanded effort in 2022-23, further entrenching the “Home” theme in NFM’s branding. This two-phase approach not only highlighted NFM’s wide range of products and services but also solidified its position as a homely and inviting brand in the furniture industry.